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The DSC Advantage

Reduce Your Overhead!

Sometimes a company needs personnel with certain skills for only short periods or for specific projects but can't justify the time and money required to hire permanent employees. DSC allows companies to hire professionals possessing specific expertise only when they need to and for only as long as they are actually needed. Our company is in business so that you may utilize DSC's highly skilled professionals only when and for as long as your projects determine. We will assist you in building short and long term site infrastructure so you'll no longer have to worry during those unexpected "fire drills".

In Times of Urgent Needs

Sometimes an unforeseen incident occurs on projects that forces companies to require additional site infrastructure...immediately! DSC is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for that very purpose. To put it simply, we'll be here when your needs arise. And when our support is no longer required, no overhead costs will further be incurred by you.

Employees on a Trial Basis

Hiring a full time employee is a long-term commitment and often times a large investment. Hiring potential employees through DSC on a "temporary to permanent" basis allows companies the time to decide if they are making the right decision.

Save on Hiring Costs

The personnel we provide are DSC employees. Therefore, companies don't need to worry about paying employee tax costs, benefits, paid time-off, payroll withholdings, etc. which are normal costs to consider when hiring employees on a permanent basis.

No End of Assignment Hassles

When work diminishes or an assignment comes to an end, the client-company need only release the assigned personnel back to DSC for re-assignment elsewhere.

Competitive Pricing

To acquire the top talent often means that companies must be willing to pay premium costs. But, unlike many other field service or recruiting firms, DSC guarantees to provide the highest quality personnel at very competitive rates.

Direct Hire Placement Services

Since its inception, DSC has developed a vast, comprehensive and diversified database of industry professionals through its constant, daily efforts of canvassing our industry to identify and pursue new and seasoned talent alike, As a result of our efforts, DSC has not only been successful in providing the highest caliber of field professionals for project specific related assignments, but we also have the ability to effectively support our clients with full-time / direct-hire placement services ranging in all areas of Management and Executive level positions.