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Office or On-Site Project Management:

Behind every team, there is a leader. Behind every project, there is Project Management. DSC has the ability to provide high caliber management professionals with proven track records who possess the management and motivational savvy and professional prowess to successfully execute your projects from your corporate offices and/or stationed directly at the project site location.

Due Diligence Feasibility Studies - Asset Evaluations

Every sizeable purchase requires thoughtful research, contemplation and deliberation. It is imperative to properly evaluate all facets of a sizeable investment. But reaching any thoughtful decision requires proper investigation in order to generate the necessary information to reach that decision.

DSC can develop complete and technically specialized project due-diligence teams to conduct feasibility studies and asset evaluations on your behalf. Our teams will perform their research "on-location" giving careful consideration to each and every aspect of your potential acquisition. After research is gathered, a comprehensive report will be delivered to you, the buyer, encompassing detailed information to assist you in your decision-making evaluation.

Pre-Hire Evaluation Assessment Programs

Every employer knows and understands the importance of hiring the "right person for the job". But just because a person possesses the proper prerequisite experience, that does not always mean they are the "right person". How many times has an employer executed an extensive search to identify prospective new-hires, performed interviews, and, ultimately hired an individual only to discover in a short period of time that their decision was flawed. It happens more commonly than not. And with the hiring of any employee realizes a fairly sizeable investment for salary, benefits, equipment, relocation costs, etc. , not to mention additional costs incurred for the lay-off of an employee due to the lack of time available to properly evaluate the employee up front.

DSC provides its clients the opportunity to hire prospective employees on a contract basis from DSC for an agreed-upon "trial" duration. During this period, the client is afforded more time to further evaluate each prospective candidate's performance and determine if, in fact, they would like to proceed to make the financial commitment to hire the individual on a full time, direct-hire basis.